Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Creating a New heet Set in AutoCAD 2006

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I was about to write a tutorial on how to set up a sheet set in AutoCAD 2005 but then I came across this article by Heidi Hewett. Thanks Heidi for doing such a great job!

If there are any differences from AutoCAD 2005 please leave a comment here or drop me an email and I'll answer your questions.

"The first step in implementing sheet set functionality is to create a sheet set. You can create a sheet set using an example sheet set or by importing existing drawing layouts as sheets. Although AutoCAD includes several example sheet sets, it is unlikely that they will meet your specific needs. I suggest that you create your first sheet set by importing drawings from one of your existing projects. After you configure your first sheet set to meet your needs, you can use it as an example to create future sheet sets.

In order for you to create a new sheet set based on existing drawings, those drawings must use layouts. Don’t worry about “messing up” your drawings by creating a sheet set. A sheet set is simply an XML-based file with a DST extension, which has pointers to your drawing files. "

See the rest of the article.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Attn:AutoCAD 2006 Users

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For all of you who have upgraded to AutoCAD 2006, here is a link (right click the picture) to Lynn Allens AutoCAD 2006 Quick Tips pdf. Lynn is one of the premier AutoCAD evangelists, traveling the world speaking to fellow CAD users from many different countries. I have attended a presentation she gave here in Oklahoma City about AutoCAD 2006, and she was great. At the time I was enrolled at Francis Tuttle who helped bring her here. The AutoCAD 2005 Quick Tips Manual I recieved last year was very helpful and makes a great desktop companion. I would definitly recomend printing this one off. Also, you should read Lynns blog. She always takes pictures when she travels.

Customizing AutoCAD

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This mornings tip is an easy one to implement, but very useful. Do you ever have trouble switching from one drawing to the next? Do you wish you could do it faster? In your windows taskbar you have one taskbar object for AutoCAD no matter how many drawings you have open. Starting in AutoCAD 2005 you have the option to change that. Type TASKBAR in your AutoCAD command Line. Input 1 and hit enter. Now each drawing will have it's own taskbar object.

One note of warning, I've had trouble once or twice with a third party software not liking the multiple taskbar objects. I believe this is because the basic AutoCAD window with no drawings in it also has it's own tab in the taskbar.